Steve Huckaby, CEO, Meritage Midstream Services

“TEN|10 has been a tremendous asset to our company. We have been working with them for three years now with great results. Casey and her group quickly developed a comprehensive understanding of our core business and our marketing and public relations needs. In the process she’s made herself a valued and favorite member of our office family. TEN|10 has elevated our profile in all kinds of ways. They are always right there when we need them — and they are affordable, efficient and the turnaround time is phenomenal. If you want to take your organization to the next level, I highly recommend the TEN|10 Group.”

Karen Wenzel, Executive Director, Rocky Mountain MS Center

“Whatever your marketing related needs, you can count on the TEN|10 Group to produce the highest quality deliverable — guaranteed to hit the target with your constituency and put you where you want to be on the map. This talented team really listens and then provides a great deal of insight into whatever your marketing and public relations needs might be. They have a great ability to develop clean, clear messaging strategies. This combined with outstanding design talent and meticulous project management means that you have a final product that will far exceed your expectations and produce results that assure your success. In today’s uncertain and volatile market — you need an edge — TEN|10 delivers.”

John-Paul Maxfield, Founder, Waste Farmers

“Without reservation, I can say that Waste Farmers has grown exponentially as a direct result of the guidance and marketing direction provided by TEN|10. One of TEN|10’s strongest assets has been its strategic perspective and understanding of the market. Time and time again, TEN|10 has creatively captured the innovative spirit at Waste Farmers, which has been invaluable to our organization. We are so grateful for Casey’s care and concern. From the start, her perspective has been that a win for Waste Farmers is a win for TEN|10. Waste Farmers feels the same way about TEN|10. There could be no better arrangement.”

Dr. Issac Melamed & Melinda Heffron, IMMUNOe

“We worked with the TEN|10 Group when we were awarded an H1N1 research study and needed to get the word out to the community. They did an amazing job and exceeded all of our expectations. TEN|10 managed all media contact and assisted in every arena, from media training to coordination. Heidi is our ‘creative genius’. She has guided us in brand development — design for logos, website, brochures, business cards, etc. We have been extremely pleased with all of her ideas and designs. And Heidi has been able to take complex medical concepts and put them into figures and designs that are understandable and graphically appealing. Casey and her team are a tremendous asset and we strongly recommend her group for all marketing and communications needs.”

Jacque Montgomery, Director of Media and PR, University of Colorado Denver

“One word describes the working relationship you will have when working with Casey Nikoloric and the TEN|10 Group: confidence. The job is going to get done and it’s going to get done well. I am always impressed with her attention to detail and the way she makes sure those around the table are well represented in a finished product. She kept her client’s interest at heart and gives everyone the best possible outcome.”