Joule Processing

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Joule Processing is an engineering and procurement firm that provides a wide range of natural gas process and treating solutions that economically meet client needs. With a background in petrochemical and bio-fuels industries, Joule's engineers and associates work diligently to create fruitful, lasting relationships, offering the latest technological expertise in natural gas processing and natural gas treating.

Backed by decades of experience, Joule implements innovative process applications that help meet pipeline specifications as well as save time and money. Seeking an in-depth knowledge of clients’ requirements, the Joule team works closely with them to evaluate gas scenarios and determine the most cost-effective solutions for natural gas processing and treating. Joule values a hands-on approach while engineering and designing all products and services in-house to ensure optimum quality and efficiency.

Joule sought TEN|10’s expertise to design and develop a distinctive website that presented the company’s full complement of services and engaged potential clients. TEN|10 also provides strategic counsel and media relations services and created the Joule logo, along with print collateral and print advertising.