Denver Public Schools

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Casey Nikoloric and the entire TEN|10 Group value the importance of the public education and respect the choices offered through Denver Public Schools (DPS) to afford every student the opportunity to succeed and attend college. Driven by this deep commitment, the TEN|10 Group has worked on a variety of DPS projects with Casey donating her time on each effort. To date, the TEN|10 team has worked with 16 schools to produce marketing materials, signage, videos and websites.

DCIS at Fairmont

The Denver Center for International Studies at Fairmont opened in 2013 to help students in kindergarten through fifth grade grow as independent thinkers eager to lead their world and their community through an curriculum focused on international studies. DCIS at Fairmont is a place where students can grow academically and culturally, a place that prepares them to excel in middle school, high school and college, and a place that will empower them to be active citizens, engaged in their communities and the world.

TEN|10 Group has been a proud part of the DCIS at Fairmont team from the beginning, providing strategic counsel, marketing direction and spearheading the creation of the school’s brand identity including, a logo, print collateral and signage.

Ashley Elementary School

Ashley Elementary School has a proud tradition of serving the Montclair, Stapleton and Park Hill neighborhoods in northeast Denver.

In the spring of 2013, Ashley teachers and the community were notified that due to persistent low performance of its students, the school would undergo a strategic school planning process to improve student performance and become an innovation school.

Working with a new principal before the start of the 2013-14 school year, TEN|10 helped rebrand Ashley, creating a logo, website, video, banners and other materials that emphasize the new mindset of Ashley to provide all students a rigorous curriculum while nurturing the confidence and character needed to achieve goals and succeed in the 21st century.

Casey Nikoloric continues to work with the school as a member of its Board of Advisors.

Year 0: Goldrick, Schmitt, Valverde and the International Academy of Denver

Three southwest and one northeast Denver Public Schools recently have gone under an intensive school redesign effort to improve academic performance. Included in that redesign was the need to market the school to help them reach successful enrollment numbers and to signal to the community and prospective parents that the school is on a path to success now and in the future. 

TEN|10 worked with each school to develop messaging, a new logo, tagline, brochure and signage.

The Imaginarium

The Imaginarium is the official Denver Public Schools innovation lab, housed in the Office of Academics and Innovation. The Imaginarium team uses design thinking and research and development methods to facilitate a process to stimulate transformative innovation at the school level and throughout the Denver Public Schools system. Students, educators, administrators and other members in the DPS community bring ideas for classroom and school level innovation to them and they then create prototypes.  

The TEN|10 Group produced numerous videos for the Imaginarium including capturing a two day design challenge and conducting interviews at numerous schools regarding the value of extended school days.